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Rebirth is the first chapter of the original 3x3 Eyes manga series.


The story starts in 1983 Tibet, where Pai is given a letter by the dying professor Satoru Fujii as he promises to make her human. Four years later in Shinjuku Tokyo in 1987, Yakumo Fujii meets Pai while running late for his job. Seeing that she was holding a sign asking how to get to Junin-Machi, he decides he might as well help her but she gets robbed and Yakumo attempts to stop the thief but instead gets knocked out of the way by him but he managed to save Pai's backpack in the process with the thief only getting away with Pai's staff. Pai comes with Yakumo to his job at a cross dressing bar where she gives him a letter from his now deceased dad. While Pai is given a shower from being filthy from her journey, Yakumo reads the letter and learns that the Professor had been researching the legends of the Sanjiyans and had befriended her and offered to help her find a way to become human, only to fall ill and die. His request was to take Pai to Yougekisha in Hong Kong as they have the instructions needed to turn her human. After Pai comes out all cleaned up, a news reports of a giant monster flying over the city. Pai recognised the creature as her pet Takuhi, who was released from his home in Pai's cane by the thief, and who was now looking for her. Pai set out to retrieve him, with Yakumo close behind. However when Yakumo saw Takuhi fly towards Pai, the lad mistook the beast's welcome for an attack, and shoved Pai out the way; immediately Takuhi ripped into the lad, fatally wounding him. Unwilling to lose the boy she had been hunting for and just located, Pai's third eye opened, and she absorbed his soul. This restored his body, but tied him to her as her undead servant. Linked to her, he can only become human again when she becomes human and promises to take Pai to Hong Kong.



  • Tibet
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Hong Kong (mentioned)


  • The events of this chapter are adapted into the 1st anime OVA Transmigration.
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